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Quick Tips to Take Care While Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are most preferred cooling appliance among the people across India. Due to the tropical weather it has extensive usage for most of the calendar months of the year. Considering that every working appliance needs maintenance, cleaning your ceiling fan after a regular time period is considered as a good habit to enjoy the trouble free and seamless performance. Cleaning your fans makes it look shining, but also adds to its grandeur and extended life.

What if you don’t clean your Ceiling Fan?

If timely cleaning is not done, a ceiling fan catches up dirt and dust on its blades and around the motor, which looks awful as well as it result in rusting, paint peeling, wobbling, humming and motor failure. Besides this, a dusty ceiling fan during running mode throws the dirt and dust all over the room. That is why, it is suggested that you should clean your ceiling fan at least once in a month.

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan?

Cleaning a ceiling fan might look as a tough task; but actually it is not if you follow these simple tips. To ensure safety, you must turn off your ceiling fan before you start the cleaning process and make sure that its blades are not moving. Wear eyeglasses to prevent dust falling it off in your eyes. Use balanced stool or a step-ladder. Make sure that it is balance on floor before using.

You can clean your Ceiling Fan with a vacuum cleaner, long-handled duster and broom. Irrespective of the method or devise you use to clean, make sure that you don’t put extra pressure on the blades so that the angle don’t get bent.

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