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Dharti – A Truly ‘Sustainable’ Home Appliances Brand of India!

Dharti Electricals is totally committed to realize the dream of Make In India Initiative. The people of India take a great pride in purchasing products which are manufactured in India – while strengthening Indian economy and providing employment to millions of Indians. This is why Dharti Electricals is focused on investing in the latest product design and technology. Our supreme quality is the reason behind immense trust and respect that ‘Dharti’ brand enjoys.


To be a trusted brand in India for electrical appliances and solutions. Dharti aims to be a household name for providing the best quality products which are cost and energy efficient.


To create a business enterprise which preserves the ethics and fair practices. Our mission comprises of wider distribution, more associates, best technical expertise, customer care and innovation.

Chairman's Message

Respected Customers and Proud Associates,

First of all, a big thank you to all the dealers and valued customers of ‘Dharti’ Brand, for their strength, confidence and continues support to Dharti Electricals. Your immense trust has encouraged us to make ourselves better each and every day; and extend the best of services.

Since 2017, ‘Dharti’ has become one of the leading Electrical Home Appliances manufacturers in India. And the journey has been a memorable joy ride for us. Our aim is to expand our product line with products that are energy efficient yet economical. I wish to assure that our current as well as upcoming range of products is and will always be convenient, user friendly and designed up to the trend.
Today, the world has reached a very interesting situation with regards to globalization of markets, supply chain consistency, and geo-political narratives. Some old markets are fading away and some new markets are emerging. Economic independence is very important for India and therefore we extend full support to Make In India movement.

We believe in walking hand in hand – with the latest technology in one hand and skilled people who can make use of it, in another hand. At this significant juncture or in future, I will always welcome your valuable suggestions and support, so that we can provide the best to the people.

Our goal is to let the customers…

Our Journey​

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!”
Brick by brick and step by step, Dharti Electricals has created its own space in markets as one of the leading electricals and home appliances brand in India.

Creating A Legacy In Electricals​

Dharti Electricals launched its own end-to-end manufacturing unit at Hyderabad – Telangana. There was a huge demand for quality, sturdiness, trendy, and pocket friendly products from the customers and Dharti brand focused on that entirely.

Dharti Electricals started offering top-quality products with 5 Years Guarantee – along with a strong repair and replacement ecosystem. Since then, Dharti Electricals has achieved numerous milestones in terms of production, distribution, brand value, and customer loyalty.

Today, Dharti brand expanded its footprint in major cities and towns in India – through an extensive network of dealers and retailers. Today, ‘DHARTI’ is a proud national electrical appliances brand!

Core Values

Core Values

Since the beginning, Dharti Electricals is rooted in one core principle – CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! All our core values are the way to reach the goal of providing total customer satisfaction. These are the values that guide us in our journey every single day.


Customer-centric Processes: Our each and every process is designed to provide the customers the maximum value for their money. They are at the center of our business model.

Research and Innovation: Consistently researching and improvising our designs and creating products which the customers are demanding, shows our commitment to research & innovation.

Make In India Initiative: We believe in India and its potential to be a global leader in the future. We are so proud of being able to give our contribution to Make In India Initiative. 

Environment Conservation: Totally committed to create products which consume less energy and following practices which create less waste materials that can harm environment.

Transparency in Operations: Starting from the procurement to distribution and retail – we follow total transparency in all sort of transactions – from product quality to prices.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Along with the organization, progress of people around it is also important. And we are totally committed to creating a better world for them.

Quality Control


Providing the best quality electrical home appliances is the ultimate objective of Dharti Electricals. Quality is the top priority and it will always be so. Our manufacturing technology and processes have been created keeping the best quality products in the minds. Not only that, our equipment and designs are upgraded to match the international quality standards and trends.


Best Quality Raw Materials.
Standard Manufacturing Processes.
Highly Experienced Manpower.
Latest Technology Equipment.
Innovative Top Leadership.
Robust Quality Control System.

Every product out of our manufacturing plant, undergoes a stringent Quality Control framework. As per the international standards, every product is tested for various parameters. Random inspection and testing are carried out to ensure total compliance to quality standards. Even the top management is involved actively in final nod before dispatch to markets.

The same level of quality is also maintained while packaging the finished products. Premium quality packaging material with all the safeguards to control product from outer pressure is ensured. This is how the amazing products by Dharti – reaches to millions of customers.


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